Chocolate Pound Cake
Southern Living Vintage Cookbook

Since I was a young child in the early and mid 70’s I can remember my mom going through recipes in Southern Living magazine and owning this 1971 Southern Living Cakes cookbook.  (Does anyone else have this memory?)  She loved looking through these tried and true Southern Living recipe gems.

Last Fall I had noticed this Cakes recipe book sitting on her kitchen bookshelf and I knew I wanted to try some of these classic cake recipes over the upcoming Holidays. It would be the perfect time. I would be in full on baking mode and my whole family would be around and be in full eating mode.

Since my family has a history of chocolate cake addiction, it was the perfect time to exploit that. I baked 3 simple chocolate pound cakes from this cookbook. They’re creatively titled Chocolate Pound Cake #1, Chocolate Pound Cake #2 and Chocolate Pound Cake #3. 

My family, friends and I enjoyed these cakes over Christmas so much, (we even had a family taste test between cakes #2 and #3) that I decided to blog about all three.  Each cake has a post and this post contains links to all 3 posts.

Warning all 3 cakes are SINtastic and will call you over to the delicious dark side.  Even during the light of Christmas, we were drawn to the dark, I mean dessert, table to whittle off one little more slice of sin.

3 Vintage chocolate pound cakes from southern living

Chocolate Pound Cake #1  A decadent pound cake made with sweet baking chocolate.  A very straight forward, in a good way, chocolate flavor, that is rich, but not overly rich.

Chocolate Pound Cake

Chocolate Pound Cake #1

Chocolate Pound Cake #2  This is a rich, sweet. luscious cake. Like #1, it’s not overly rich.  It’s perfectly pound cake with a wonderful densely moist texture.

Chocolate Pound Cake

Chocolate Pound Cake #2

Chocolate Pound Cake #3  A very simple cake with an amazing dense texture and such deep explosive chocolate flavor. 

Chocolate Pound Cake

Chocolate Pound Cake #3

3 chocolate pound cake recipes

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